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Benefits for Staff

  • Capture the Data that Matters by building your own web-based evaluations, self-assessments, inspections, audits, and surveys with no coding required
  • Be More Efficient with automated workflows, tasks, and dashboard notifications that keep everyone on track and in the loop
  • Collaborate Well with all stakeholders through persona-driven, self-service portals
  • Prepare for a Digital Future – leverage built-in tools such as Elasticsearch and establish a foundation for machine learning and AI

Benefits for Inspectors,  Auditors, & Reviewers

  • Log In & Get to Work with self-service portals that show you all of your assignments and artifacts via a unique dashboard
  • Capture Issues, Easily via sophisticated auditing tools that allow you to log non-conformance & capture evidence to share with internal and external stakeholders
  • Find What You Need, Now – Intuitive design and advanced search capabilities mean you’ll never have to hunt for standards or artifacts again

Benefits for Applicants

  • Know Where You are in the Process with milestone views that show you what stage of your life-cycle you are in
  • Collaborate with Conformity Assessment Bodies as you work through the process, taking advantage of automated alerts & assignments
  • Access Everything You Need- reference standards, complete self-studies, and coordinate site visits with your reviewer— all from within the platform
  • Personalized Dashboards surface the most important items, so that you can triage issues and tackle tasks more efficiently to keep your process moving along

Why Choose ARMATURE Fabric?

Single, low-code [highly configurable] platform that’s easy to use, upgrade, and extend

Powerful data collection and process management engine that allows you to ensure compliance, manage workflows, and create opportunities for continuous improvement

Innovative technology stack, including Elasticsearch, helping you to build a foundation for machine learning and AI

20 years’ experience building sophisticated software solutions for leading Conformity Assessment Bodies and Standards Developing Organizations

What Our Customers Say About Us

The American Association of Tissue Banks (ATTB)

“An electronic system for the Accrediatino Program at the AATB has been a tremendous investment filled with learning curves and challenges. The staff at ARMATURE Corporation has been interactive, supportive, and responsive from their initial presentation about their program through the configuration of our own system.”

Jenny Chatman, BS, CTBS
AATB Accreditation Manager


“Because of Armature’s flexibility and responsiveness, we now have a world-class accreditation management system in place that has transformed how we conduct our business; saving time for all constituents and driving efficiency for ASME.”

Jon Labrador, Managing Director
Conformity Assessment, ASME


“I would especially like to thank the ARMATURE professional services team for their hard work, ideas, and support over the many months we have been working together. Their input and willingness to put in the extra effort has been, and continues to be invaluable. It is greatly appreciated and will ensure this major project is a success.”

Rob Passam, General Manager,
ICT Nata, Austrailia 


Our tools give you complete visibility into your entire quality ecosystem so you can spot issues, record observations, and take swift corrective action as needed.


Seamlessly build audit teams based on qualifications, availability, and expertise. Collect program information and track compliance & non-conformance.

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Our platform integrates with your organization’s enterprise systems to give you a comprehensive view of your quality landscape—no blind spots, no surprises

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